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Children are curious by nature and love to explore their surroundings. Their capacity for assimilating knowledge is immense. However, in today's educational setting, this simple love and joy of learning is overtaken by academic stress and the constant pressure to excel. Learning then becomes a chore and exploring, analysing and understanding take a backseat to passive learning by rote.

Therefore, Chrysaalis takes a unique learning process that incorporates the following:

  • Integrate the latest concepts in brain-based learning techniques
  • Stimulate lateral thinking and multiple intelligence
  • Build a firm foundation on basic concepts by exposing children to practical tips on analysis, application and reflection
  • Emphasize brain-based learning principles to ensure an effective learning process
  • Institute hands-on and multi-sensory stimulation learning to create a challenging learning environment
  • Instill a framework for discipline, knowledge, innovation and creativity
  • Deliver effective instruction based on a well-researched syllabus and a scientifically designed method of instruction
  • The Chrysaalis Programs are designed specifically to ensure a child's intelligence grows along with the associated brain lobes, thereby ensuring the child develops the necessary intelligence and abilities. Furthermore, Chrysaalis considers the psychological process of learning that occurs in the brain while engaged in any activity, thereby ensuring excellence in the child.

Our Vision

To generate, Original, Lateral individual thinkers, with creative and critical insights, in the early childhood itself, and contribute them as globally competent assets to the humanity at large in this generation itself.


Our Mission

To be a pioneer for an era of fundamentally sound and sustaining holistic system of globally effective “Thinking Skills Development” programs, which are “Recreational” in character and primarily catering to Value – Added – Early Education.


Our Journey

Chrysaalis has had an exciting journey in the world of education. We introduced the program in India in the year 2004. Since then we have provided economic independence to more than 300+ housewives, teachers and entrepreneurs in setting up a Chrysaalis franchise and spreading the reach of the program. We have successfully trained more than 100000+ students through our nation-wide network


Sudindra Rao

With over experience of 2 decade in public sector banking services, Sudindra plays a pivotal role in building the I-Maths business.

He manages finances and is also responsible for all statutory compliance of the Company. Sudindra acts as the nerve center of the organization. Passionate about education, he is 24/7 dedicated to all franchisees to help them solve any issues predicament to their growth

Sudindra is married to Jayshree and father of Anusha. In his spare time he loves discussing with his daughter on the topic of world religion. Anusha is enrolled for Masters Program in World Religion at Calgary University Canada.


Jaisimha Jaithirth

Innovative management executive, Jaisimha embraces challenge, leads change and has over two decades of operational experience to drive growth and deliver results. He is adept at solving business problems, mentoring, and driving sales through business development.

Jaisimha enjoys working with I-Maths franchisees and teachers and induct them into I-Maths philosophy. He cherishes working with his colleagues to develop innovative teaching methods.  

Jai is married to Vaishali and is father of 15 years old son Yash. He proudly accepts the role of I-Maths in Yash’s academic success, who is now a student of one of the most prestigious High school in US – Thomas Jefferson School of Science & Technology - VA

Dr. Renuka
Head Academics

Dr. Renuka Anvekar by profession and Math teacher by passion is what Dr.Renuka can be described in short.
She is backed by more than 2 decades of experience handling early education in Math and is the Academic head of the program.
She has spearheaded the Smart steps program and can create more.
Happily married to Dr.Dinesh and blessed with a daughter doing masters in Aerospace eng at State univ of IOWA and A son Ranjan graduate in ECE.She currently recides in Blore manning her hospital and consulting with Chrysaalis .