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Curriculum For Next Generation

This century's fast development of technology and artificial intelligence has convinced us that almost every aspect of our children's lives will be different from ours.

Today's preschoolers will enter the workforce by around 2035. Although we cannot envision exactly what their world will be then, we do know that children will need a greater ability to:

Our Programs

Chrysaalis Programs provides future learners an excellent start in early learning. Our well-researched curriculum emphasizes the process and the outcomes of both soft and hard skills to create the most competent learners and well-rounded future citizens.

The tenets of Chrysaalis programs are -
● Nurturing Curiosity
● Enhancing the capabilities of the Brain
● And most importantly bringing back JOY of LEARNING

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I-Maths is a program proven to build and advance your child's math, for an advantage in school and beyond. The Program prepares Children for MATH.

Smart Steps

Smart Steps is a comprehensively researched program, which aims to teach children advance level of Mathematical concepts and its applications.

Innovative Inteligence

Innovative Intelligence is a unique program aimed to help children develop innovative thinking abilities with maze, puzzles and brainteasers.


At "Nautilus" we introduce the various strategies to solve Multiple Choice Questions, so that children are well prepared to Aces Math Olympiad and other contests.

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