What is Innovative Intgelligence Program?

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Develop Critical thinking, Analytical and Reasoning skills - Gauge your child's proficiency with their ability to ask question not with their ability to answer a question.

i2 Strategies : The concept of strategies, where and why they are required. Teach students to understand their own strengths and challenges through methodical process of questioning.

i2 Connections: Learning the concepts is just one part. Whilst connecting the concepts with each other - especially what they know, with what they are learning is more important.

i2 Graphic Organizers : A framework always helps to organize one's thoughts. This step teaches the students thoughts organization.

i2 Creative Thinkers : The focus of this step is to help students understand, analyze and process the given information. This will help them to invent - Imagine - Design their thinking.

i2 Questioning : A conducive environment is created whereby the students are encouraged to ask as many questions without self-doubt and negativity associated with it.

i2 Inference : Once the concepts are understood - what they infer and how it applies in the real-world will be the focus in this step.

i2 Problem Solvers : Teaches and encourages the students to explore alternative methods to find solutions to problems. A step-by-step method of solving is explained.

i2 Elaborators : The more you explain, the more clear the concept and the application becomes. Students are encouraged to elaborate to reinforce their learning.

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