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What is i-Maths?

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i-Maths Young Children Creative Mathematics Program is currently the most influential course in Mathematics for young children in most parts of South East Asia, in countries like China, Malaysia and Taiwan.

i-Maths develops and hones:

I-Maths effectively establishes mathematical concepts in young minds in a child friendly environment brimming with colors, fun, brainteasers and lot of hands on activities. This harnesses the curious best in the child and results in whole Brain development.

i-Maths Edge

i-Maths is not a tutoring Program

i-Maths trilateral teaching methodology ensures student to have clear understanding of the concept learned and harnesses the curious best in the child, which results in whole Brain development
i-Maths compliments the school math curriculum and help students prepare better for math success in their higher grades
i-Maths has directed the focus of the learner from result to the process, hence bringing back the joy of learning and making students fall in Love with Math

Learn through play

Concepts are presented in the form of hands on activities, using I-Maths learning kit, which results in total sensorial learning and help anchor the concept in the child's intellect


Learn By Doing

The concepts which were presented in the three dimensional form are presented in the two dimensional form by way of wall charts and magnetic stickers


Learn By Thinking

The final phase of learning, is when the child works on the concepts in specially designed workbooks thereby completing the learning cycle of "Learning by Doing" to "Learning by Thinking"

Some of the interesting topics covered level-wise

i-Maths Level 1

Pre Kindergarten

  1. Logical Reasoning
  2. Observation
  3. Colors
  4. Shapes
  5. Sequencing
  6. Pre-number concepts
  7. Number concepts
  8. Quantity
  9. Informal measurements
  10. Mapping exercises
  11. Extensity
  12. Mirror projection recognition
  13. Spatial awareness
  14. Symmetry - 3D
  15. Networking
i-Maths Level 2


  1. Exercises with currency
  2. Addition
  3. Applied Addition & Subtraction
  4. Correspondent Counting
  5. Permutation & Combination
  6. Estimation
  7. Graphic Inference
  8. Subtraction
  9. Logic & Inference
  10. Two Way substitution
  11. Foundation of Multiplication
  12. Geometry
  13. Exercises in time
i-Maths Level 3

Grade 1

  1. Extensity
  2. Graphic Mapping
  3. Bilateral Substitution
  4. Concept Co-ordinates
  5. Calculation Ability
  6. Permutation and Combination
  7. Mirror Projection
  8. Inference Ability
  9. Characteristic Combination
  10. Network Counting
  11. Inference Counting
  12. Concept of Subtraction
  13. Concept of Multiplication
  14. Function Calculation
  15. Estimation

Smart Steps

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Smart Steps (i-Maths) Level 4

Grade 2

  1. Currency
  2. Integers
  3. Ken-Ken
  4. Prime Numbers
  5. Absolute Value
  6. Fractions
  7. Exponents
  8. Tessellations
  9. Area
  10. Number Line
  11. Interpretation of Graph
  12. Properties of Arithmetic
  13. Syllogism
  14. Algebra
  15. 3D Geometry
Smart Steps (i-Maths) Level 5

Grade 3

  1. HCF
  2. LCM
  3. Sudoku
  4. Perimeter
  5. Decimals
  6. Ordinal Numbers
  7. Pascal’s Triangle
  8. Fibonacci Sequence
  9. Statistics
  10. Symmetry
  11. Concept of time
  12. Analogy
  13. Percentages

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