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A Tailor-made Franchise Opportunity

It could be the flexibility, profits, and entrepreneurship that interest you. Or it could be your zeal towards early childhood education, providing children a firm foundation for success and giving back to the community!
Regardless of the direction your passion lies, your perfect franchise opportunity is here!

We are changing the Game!

Does the thought of running your own business excite you? Then the Chrysaalis i-Maths India (P) Ltd Franchise may be just what you need to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.
As you consider becoming a member of the Chrysaalis family and venturing into the world of early childhood education, there are bound to be some questions making the rounds in your mind.

Become a Franchisee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 : I want to know about the company Chrysaalis and its Program ?

Established in the year 2004-Chrysaalis is leading content development company focused on early education. The company is based out of Bangalore and operates on franchisee model. Chrysaalis has 200 + franchised center cross 8 States.
Chrysaalis Program – Nurturing Curiosity, Building the Capacity of the Brain and brining back Joy of Learning is PRIME FOCUS of all Chrysaalis program
Chrysaalis Programs –

  • I-Maths
  • Smart Steps 
  • Naulitus 
  • Innovative Intelligence
Q 2 : I do not have any prior experience in teaching or in running a business, How can i start ?

No prior teaching or running business experience is required to start your Chrysaalis I-Maths learning Center. You will be trained in every aspect like academic, marketing, administration etc., to operate your center smoothly. Our on- going support will help you address any and all situations you may come across running your center.

Q 3 : How Long is the training ?

The initial training will be for 3 to 4 days, which will be conducted, online – so you get trained sitting on a couch at your residence.

Q 4 : Where do i conduct the program ?

You can conduct the program from your residence / school premises or any other acceptable location.

Q 5 : How do i generate leads ?

Apart from training you to market, the Company runs an efficient lead generation process, helping you to connect to prospective parent / students.

Q 6 : What is the fee structure for the students ?

The fee ranges from INR 12,000.00 to INR 15,000.00 for I-Maths & Smart Step program, which is a 10-month program. For Nautilus and Innovative Intelligence – we let you decide as they are short term program and can be structured as you deem fit.

Q 7 : How much would be my investment ?

Chrysaalis is one of the most sorted franchise opportunity in the domain of education. The initial investment is INR 2 lacs. Chrysaalis management runs different significant discount scheme based on the area potential and the capabilities of the franchisee partner

Q 8 : Apart from initial investmentwhat else do i pay the company ?

Apart from initial investment – you will pay for student kit, which will be supplied by the company and a royalty of 15% on every student enrolled.C

Q 9 : What would be my break even period and how much money can i make ?

Enrolling 5 students will help you reach your break-even. If you are able to cater to even 5 student in each level and 5 students each in programs like Nautilus and Innovative Intelligence – will generate approximately
INR 25,000/- to INR 30,000/- per month. The return on investment is high in terms of money, time and effort put to run the center.

Q 10 : What are my net steps ?

Step 1: You will receive a franchisee application, please fill the same and mail it to to schedule your call with Jaisimha (Jai)
Step 2: You will receive an agreement thru mail.
Step 3: Set up a call with an existing franchisee or a visit to near by center if any and visit to Bangalore Corporate office.
Step 4: Final call with Chrysaalis representative to clear all questions.
Step 5: Sign-up