Smart Steps

  • Age7 to 9 years
  • SubjectMathematics


Smart Steps is a comprehensively researched program which aims to cater to the children’s imagination and help enter the abstract world. Although Smart Steps is an extension of the I-Maths program, it brings to fore the application of concepts learnt in young children thereby completing the learning cycle in children.

The program caters to children in the age group of 7 yrs to 9 yrs.

Smart Steps is based on the learning patterns in growing children and focuses on enhancing and strengthening their computing skills, analyzing and IQ and prepared them for a smooth transition from concepts to application on a larger scale.


The program helps then child realize that math involves every aspect of life and hence is applicable in walks of life.

Some of the concepts taught in the Smart Steps Program are:

  • Two-way substitution
  • Three-way Substitution
  • Statement Problems
  • Algebra
  • Concept Analysis
  • Concept of Co-ordinates
  • Concept of Patterns
  • Tessellations
  • Number Sudoku
  • Picture Sudoku
  • Jumbled Equations
  • Interpretation of Graph
  • Memory Game
  • Calculating Ability
  • Currency
  • Concept of Fractions
  • Maze Activity
  • Graphic Inference
  • Extensity