i-Math uses learning techniques that help children improve their Observation and Reasoning Skills, making Creative Thinking a part of the learning process. This frees children from the monotony of route learning.


“I-Maths” is a program proven to build and advance your child's Math skills, for an advantage in school and beyond.I-Maths has emerged as the most effective Mathematics course in most parts of South East Asia, running successfully in India, China, Malaysia and Taiwan. It goes beyond mere “memorization of facts” to methodical application of concepts learnt, thereby, creating long-term impressions that help children learn complex math concepts with ease.


Our belief in i-Maths is a result of decades of experience in the field of education. Our experts have observed that in order to ready our children for the future, we need to supplement their education with more than just school. Equipping children with a problem-solving mindset, confidence and boosting their grasping abilities forms the core of i-Maths curriculum. The curriculum is research-based, common core aligned, and comprehensive, that will help kids master Math & put them grade levels ahead of their peers. It will build and advance your child’s math skills by providing a fun learning environment with the help of interactive lessons and not just books.

How we teach

Almost every child possesses a high level of intelligence, which may not be apparent at first, owing to inadequate learning systems. This should not be understood as child lacks potential. Life aim of every educator is to help children unlock their hidden potential.

I-Maths has designed a complete learning kit, which comprehensively covers almost every area of mathematics. I-Maths believes that no matter how lengthy the verbal explanation and how many hours a child may spend at studying mathematics, it cannot be compared to using real, actual, tangible and multi-senses way of explanation

Teaching Methodology

Concepts are presented in the form of activities or stories, using I-Maths learning kit, which results in total sensorial learning and help anchor the concept in the child's intellect.

The concepts which were presented in the three dimensional form are presented in the two dimensional form by way of wall charts and magnetic stickers

The final phase of learning, is when the child works on the concepts in specially designed workbooks thereby completing the learning cycle of "Learning by Doing" to "Learning by Thinking"