Innovative Intelligence

  • Age7 to 9 years
  • Ideal forSummer Camps


The program focuses on developing intelligence

i2 Strategies : The concept of strategies, where and why they are required. Teaches a student to understand their own strengths and challenges through methodical process of questioning.
i2 Connections: Learning the concepts is just one part. Whilst connecting the concepts with each other – especially what they know, with what they are learning is more important.
i2 Graphic Organizers : A framework always helps to organize one’s thoughts. This step teaches the students thoughts organization.
i2 Creative Thinkers :The focus of this step is to help students understand, analyse and process the given information. This will help them to Invent – Imagine – Design their thinking.
i2 Questioning : A conducive environment is created whereby the students are encouraged to ask as many questions without self-doubt and negativity associated with it.
i2 Inference : Once the concepts are understood – what they infer and how it applies in the real-world will be the focus in this step.
i2 Problem Solvers : Teaches and encourages the students to explore alternative methods to find solutions to problems. A step-by-step method of solving is explained.
i2 Elaborators : The more you explain, the more clear the concept and the application becomes. Students are encouraged to elaborate to reinforce their learning.

How it Works

i2 is a completely flexible program that can be clubbed with any of the other activities at your summer camp.

It is easy to run and does not require any specific training.The company issues authentic i2 completion certificates to all the participants.

It is neatly categorized into – Curious Champ, Inquisitive Champ and Investigative Champ. The categories and the structure of the worksheets are based on the ages of the children. The worksheets are specifically developed to improve the thinking abilities of the child and to help in creativity, while having fun.


Register with details of your summer camp – like venue, dates, number of children etc. Purchase the appropriate kits. Minimum order quantity is 10 kits per level. Proceed to the payment gateway to complete the transaction. The kits will be immediately shipped to the mailing address provided.


Each kit will contain a Bag, Folder File, Worksheets (100 Nos.). Let the children have fun with creativity. Just supervise and ensure that the right kit is given to the children (based on age). Since the program is very flexible, you can decide on the number of hours per day.


Once the camp kicks off, login to the website and submit details of all the children in your camp with the unique worksheet identification number. The certificates will be shipped to you. The parents have the option of checking the authenticity of the certificates on the website.