Become a Franchisee

Why Invest!

If you enjoy the art of teaching children, i-Maths offers an exciting and unique opportunity to set up a franchise with an internationally acclaimed programme.

The programme developed by Chrysaalis is based on the after-school model, which aids franchisees to reach out to children outside their school and expand their business base.

  • Operating System : i-Maths has well established operating mythologies implemented across 300 + franchisee centers, spread in over 8 states and reaching out to thousands of students every year.
  • Operational feasibility : Chrysaalis Franchisee model is operationally simple and runs smoothly with a minimum resources & low operational cost.
  • Adaptable Nationally : Chrysaalis Franchisee model is certainly adaptable nationally, the program cater to elementary school children and is independent of any state curriculum.
  • Public Acceptance : A need for quality after school programs especially in the domain of Mathematics is very prevalent among Indian Parents
  • Teachable to Others : No prior experience is required to teach i-Maths, in other words you do not have to be a teacher to teach i-Maths. The academic training provided by i-Maths Management will equip you to create a right learning ambience, resulting in students achieving the lessons' learning objectives.
  • Encouraging Return on Investment : A franchisee could start an I-Math center with reasonable investment, which includes the training, franchise fees and all other initial expenses.

Franchisee Qualifications

The best i-Maths franchisees will be great sales people, who will operate with complete integrity in the business.

They ideally will find like-minded candidates to build a vibrant team, to promote the program and reach out to more students in the designated location. They should definitely have an affinity towards education business, believe and appreciate the i-Maths teaching method.

Business skills the franchisees will need to operate the franchised business includes? the following:

  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Record keeping / charting
  • Standard computer skills
Management Ability (the ability to work with all types of people – customers and staff),

The most important SALESMANSHIP.

Investment Details

Franchise term - 3 years.
Renewal 30% of the Franchise fee.
Revenue Sharing - 15% royalty after deducting the registration and student kit fee.
This entitles the franchisee for the following.
  • Exclusive right for the designated area
  • Training
  • Academic
  • Marketing
  • Administrative Training
  • Welcome Kit which consists of student lab kit and teacher kit
  • Access to Franchise Operational Manual and Lesson Plans
  • Login to credential for Print shop portal to receive the initial customized marketing package
  • Dedicated center web page, Facebook Page, E-mail Address, Telephone Line and Mobile App to run your entire franchise business seamlessly.